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The difference between the vertical wall fire shutter

Author: jianxiaTime:2020/6/5

1、 Different in nature

1. Nature of smoke screen wall: it is a fixed or movable smoke screen made of noncombustible materials and hanging down no less than 500 mm from the ceiling.

2. Fire shutter properties: in a certain period of time, together with the frame can meet the requirements of fire stability and integrity of the shutter.

2、 Different characteristics

1. Features of the vertical smoke wall

(1) The signs on the vertical wall should be firm and clear.

(2) No crack, indentation, obvious concave convex, hammer mark, burr, hole and other defects are allowed on the surface of the metal parts of the vertical wall; The surface must be antirust treated, and the coating and coating shall be uniform without peeling and flowing.

2. Features of fireproof rolling shutter: the surface of fireproof rolling shutter can be lifted and lowered through transmission device and control system. It has the function of fire prevention and fire isolation. The product has the characteristics of flat and beautiful appearance, novel shape and strong rigidity.

1. A vertical partition installed under the ceiling or floor or hidden in the ceiling, which can prevent the horizontal flow of smoke and hot gas in case of fire. The fireproof rolling shutter has the functions of fire prevention and fire isolation. The product is flat and beautiful in appearance, novel in shape and strong in rigidity.

2. According to the activity mode, the vertical wall can be divided into rolling curtain type and turnover plate type. The curtain surface of the fireproof rolling shutter can be lifted and lowered through the transmission device and the control system.